New wines for this season

Well it is getting to the time of year when I have to start researching what new wines to bring into the Sun Porch and the Summerhill Cellar!  It is tough work but someone has to do it…

Last season I expanded the Summerhill Cellar with some new and fun wines.  Some of the big hits were the Jacuzzi Primitivo, Dunham 3 Legged Red, and Erazere Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc.  These will all be back for this season and I am meeting with Scott from the Wine Company next week to start tasting new labels for this season.  One of the varietals I am going to be tasting is a petite sirah, this grape produces a big fruit forward wine with lots of the blue fruits in it and usually some nice wood and smoke.  This grape usually produces a bigger wine than a cabernet sauvignon and gets it name based on the size of the grape.  This is a great red meat wine that pairs well with grilled, braised, or roasted meats.  I will also be exploring some new whites as well as looking for that unique red to try.

If anyone has something they are looking for or a suggestion please leave a comment and I will do my best to find something that will match.  I will let everyone know what great wines we taste next week!

Thanks, Jeff

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