Cooking for Chef in the House!

Preppin’ the Prime!

Last week I had the pleasure of cooking for ACS LocalLinc’s Chef in the House.  It was a lot of fun and the crew of Duane, Randy, and Lee were very patient and great to work with.  If you would like to see the menu and get the receipes they are available at the show title is Easy to Prepare Gourmet Meal.  Other than a brief vist from the fire department for a false alarm (you really have to put a good sear on the prime!) the show went well and the food turned out great.

Scott Lindman from The Wine Company was also nice enough to join me and talk about the great wines he brought to pair with our food.  This is what we sampled during the show:

Haton Brut Champagne – our warm up to get the show going

St. Pierre Sancerre and Lang & Reed Cabernet Franc – goat cheese fondue

Alexander Valley Merlot – horseradish encrusted prime rib w/ pan au jus

Noval Tawny Port – chocolate and tiramisu parfait

They all went great with the food and made the taping go much easier!  If anyone is interested in purchasing the wines we had on the show you can go to our partner online website and find them there.  Remember to enter Summerhill Farm as your retailer during checkout.

Also I would like to give a special thanks to my parents, John and Jane, for letting us take over the kitchen for most of the day!

Thanks, Jeff

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